King's celebrates Black History Month

October is Black History Month (BHM) in the UK and coincides with the start of the academic year. It aims to raise awareness of 500 years of Black History in the UK, highlighting the many positive Black contributions to British society, in addition to heightening confidence and awareness of Black people in their cultural heritage.

The ambition of Black History Month is that we come to a point that we see black history, an often neglected and hidden narrative, a part of everyone’s history, in our collective understanding of ourselves.

It is particularly significant for the United Kingdom and for King’s because of the many people with African origins living in the United Kingdom whose ancestors have come either through the Caribbean or directly from Africa. Established in the UK by Akyaaba Addai-Sebo in 1987 to celebrate African identity and culture; this year marks its 31st celebration and a whole month of events at King’s celebrating and promoting the history of Black British identity as well as our own black staff and students.

You can find out about events taking place across King’s in the event listings of the Diversity Digest.