The Nominees

We received hundreds of nominations this year, a testament to the amazing achievements of the King’s community. We hope you’ll join us in congratulating all of our shortlisted nominees.

"It feels humbling to be recognised by your fellow peers and for them to go out of their way to nominate you. I feel eternally grateful."

Josh Pullen, Estates & Facilities, nominated for the Inclusive workplace award

Reggie the Lion student experience award

Elizabeth Appiah-Kusi, IoPPN

Kim Hall, SED

Lyndsey Hughes, IoPPN

Eleanor Dommett & Nicola Byrom, IoPPN

Most ignificant contribution to international success

Paola Dazzan, IoPPN

Raphael Woolf, Arts & Humanities

Faheem Ahmed, FoLSM

Liz Vehit, ERD

Most outstanding contribution to media engagement

George Murkin & the GIWL team, SSPP

Kevin Whelan, FoLSM

Most outstanding commitment to London and local communities

Alyx Murray-Jackman, E&F

Effy Alexandrou, SED

Most outstanding contribution to the research staff experience

IoPPN Postdoc Network, IoPPN

James Grande, Arts & Humanities

Ana Baburamani, FoLSM

Excellence in innovation and impact

Andrew Shennan & the Preterm Surveillance Clinic Team, FoLSM

Faheem Ahmed, FoLSM

Mischa Dohler, NMS

Excellence in customer service

Kay Dorelli, RMID

Olivia Thompsont, A&H

Shopna Begum, HR

Sustainability award

Oliver Austen, FoLSM

Stuart Bailey, Estates & Facilities

Library Sustainability Champions, SED

Most significant contribution in serving the needs and aspirations of society

Stephen Levett & Deborah Acquaah, Law

Amanda Way, Principal's Office

Most outstanding contribution to professional services

IT Cyber Security team, IT

Tom Whitelaw, Admissions and Registry Services

Katerina Koutsantoni, A&H

Most significant commitment to widening participation and social mobility

Tanya Linaker, Arts & Humanities

Katie Black & the King’s Internship Team, SED

Katherine Schofield, Arts & Humanities

Research project of the year

Declan Murphy, IoPPN

Samantha Terry, FoLSM

Robert Wintemute, Law

Most significant contribution to staff experience & engagement

Liz Vehit, ERD

Chris Woburn, IoPPN

Holly Harman, Dental Institute

Most innovative teacher

Lucy Tyler & Rhiannon Eley, Nursing

Emily Barritt, Law

Stephen Levett & Deborah Acquaah, Law

Inclusive workplace

Gillian Douglas, Law

Josh Pullen, Estates & Facilities

Peter Lia, SED

University supervisory excellence award

Dr Karen Liu, Dental Institute

Professor David Nelken, Law

Dr Deepak Srivastava, IoPPN

Dr Benedict Schofield, Arts & Humanities

Dr Wendy Hall, FoLSM

Dr Nikolay Gromov, FNMS

Professor Anne Marie Rafferty, Faculty of

Nursing & Midwifery

Professor Vivienne Jabri, SSPP

Dr Juan Baeza, King’s Business School